Our Journey Starts Here To Becoming An Independent Trader 

Our Silver package includes a suite of trading strategies and methods that have been developed and traded over the last 30 years.  This package is great for both beginners and more advanced traders.

To Learn more about the Silver package and how to sign up see below!



3 months access to all the Silver training videos and educational materials.

*3 FREE months access to the Live Trading Room where Kevin shares his charts and teaches you his unique Patterns and Trading Strategies.

*(after 3 months, pay only $50 monthly to continue in the Live Trading Room, auto-billed, cancel at any time)

Live Trading Room open six days a week, Sun-Fri, with both day and night sessions.

Learn and identify the 4 Dimensions that influence price direction.

Learn 5 powerful Behavioral Patterns that work in all time-frames.

How to track your trade results to predict future market conditions.

How Kevin adjusts contract size for maxium profits.

Morning short-term entries and price targets for Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Forex.

Live Mentoring with Kevin LaRocca every morning from 10am-11am ET.

3 FREE months of Daily Setups emailed nightly.

Live Skill Base Training sessions every week.

Who Should Invest In It?

The Silver package is an essential trading education program designed for all levels of trading experience. This package centers on self-paced learning videos with real-time live training, that lays the foundation to advance to the higher packages.

Why Should You Invest In The Silver Package?

There are many reasons, but here are some of the most important ones:

-The Behavioral Patterns that are taught in this package have been proven to be effective over the last 30 years in real-time trading.

-You have 30 days free access to the Live Trading Room where you can train and learn with Keven LaRocca and other success full-time traders.
-They are simple to understand and easy to use.
-They can be applied to any market, in any time frame.
-They are flexible and can be adapted to different trading styles.

-Live Trading Room open 6 days a week to accommodate for most everyones schedule.   

-The Silver package is very affordable, and it offers great value for the money.

Why Join Innovative Trading Strategies

Innovative Trading Strategies is a company that provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced by most traders. The company was founded by Kevin LaRocca with 40 years of trading experience that’s provided a deep understanding of the markets and what it takes to be a successful trader. Innovative Trading Strategies has a team of experts who are constantly developing new strategies and methods to shorten the learning curve to becoming a fulltime trader.

Our company offers a wide range of services, including education, research, and live daily mentoring to help accelerate your learning experience. Innovative Trading Strategies also provides a live platform for traders to share their ideas and strategies. The company is committed to helping traders become more successful and to providing them with the time tested tools they need to succeed.

Be Apart of our Live Trading Room

Included with all packages is one free month access to our live trading room. This is where we train and share our setups with our members, and it is a great place to learn and ask questions. Our live trading room is moderated by experienced traders, and it is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about trading. If you want to get practice before, this is a great option for those who want to get practice before doing it on their own in the future. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, take advantage of this opportunity!

How to Get Started And Join Our Community

Investing in our packages is easy. Simply choose the package that best fits your needs, and then follow the instructions as you go through the signup process. Once you complete the signup process, you will then land on a thank you page that will give you further instructions on your next steps. Our team will be on hand to help you every step of the way, and we will provide you with all the support you need to trade successfully. 

If you are serious about becoming a successful trader, invest today and start your journey to financial freedom!


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