Are you prepared to open the door to financial prosperity and control over your time?

At Innovative Trading Strategies, we resonate with the dreams of individuals longing for both monetary self-reliance and the latitude to relish life on their own schedule. Our holistic trading education curriculum gives you the liberty to learn at a pace that suits you, starting with fundamental concepts and steadily advancing to a proven trading methodology that has demonstrated its effectiveness over the past four decades. The program emphasizes actionable strategies and practical applications, arming you with the necessary know-how and abilities to confidently traverse the financial markets. Explore the power of proven strategies and techniques and commence your expedition towards a more prosperous financial future. Enroll with us today and witness the opportunities that lie ahead.

Below, you will find more details about the various methods, patterns, and additional learning materials included in our comprehensive Einstein’s Package. 


Intro to My Trading Strategies & Methods check
The EOM Pattern check
Market Correlations check
The Pairing Pattern check
The LMS Pattern check
The PAP & Double Patterns check
The Double Continuation Pattern check
The Delta Pattern check
The HOG Pattern check
How I adjust Contract Size check
Putting it all Together check
Crystal Ball Method check
Herd Characteristic check
Predicting Direction & Magnitude check
Trading OTM Options check
HF1 Pattern check
HF2 Pattern check
HF3 Pattern check
The Einstein Formula check
Predicting Price Levels check
Scalp Trading with Einstein check


As an exciting bonus, when you purchase the Einstein Package, you’ll receive 12 months of free full access to our vibrant Discord community. Connect with experienced traders, engage in real-time discussions, and benefit from a supportive network that shares your passion for trading. This exclusive opportunity allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge, gain valuable insights, and accelerate your trading journey. Don’t miss out on this added bonus – invest in the Einstein Package today and enjoy a full year of immersive engagement within our dynamic Discord community.

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