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My Approach

To be a successful trader it’s imperative that you understand and have the ability to follow the price action of the markets like the large institutions and professionals do. All markets, in general, have certain behavioral characteristics,or patterns, that once understood, will help one predict price direction in advance. Your ability to learn and understand what these behavioral characteristics are, places the probability in your favor of making profitable trades. My method of trading is based on the concept that price movement is created like a hologram, which is just a set of interfering patterns that create a three-dimensional image. Within market price movement, there are five influencing dimensions, each dimension is expressed by its own unique behavioral pattern. These five patterns influence a separate and  unique characteristic of the present and future price direction.

Most  traditional traders  use  conventional  technical analysis like (moving averages,  oscillators,  etc.)  when  determining  their  trading  decisions.  In my 40 years of trading experience and research,  using these  conventional  methods in trading are  not reliable, input values constantly changing and not effective long-term.

Furthermore, all  such  indicators  are  lagging of price(what DID happen, not what WILL happen).  And secondly,  they are only based on one visible dimension, and have no definitive value for predicting price direction.