Our Most Comprehensive Trading Education Package for Traders at all Skill Levels.

The Platinum package includes all the materials from the Silver and Gold packages, but adds in “The Einstein Formula”, which many of our students have called the closest thing to the “Holy Grail” – will forever change the way you trade in the markets!    



12 full months access to all the Silver, Gold & Platinum Membership videos & learning materials.

*12 months FREE access to the Live Trading room where Kevin shares his charts and teaches you his unique Patterns and Trading Strategies.

*(pay only $50 monthly to continue in the Live Trading Room, auto-billed, cancel at any time)

Full disclosure of The Einstein Formula.

What is The Einstein Formula and why it works with all tradable markets.

How to add The Einstein Formula to your existing platform to automatically calculate the entry price, a profit target and stop & reversal price.

Learn four specific patterns to use with Einstein to increase entry accuracy.

Proof of The Einstein Formula and trading method with chart examples for stocks, stock indices, commodities and forex pairs.

Ongoing exclusive training with new insights into trading with The Einstein Formula.

How to use the Crystal Ball Method with Einstein for higher probability trades.

Two money management techniques taylored to your risk tolerance.

12 FREE months of Daily Setups emailed nighty.

Live Skill Based Training every week.

Join My Live Morning Show FREE Monday – Friday from 9am – 10am EST,  as I demonstrate the “The Einstein Formula” during live market action. Here’s a example of one of my most recent live shows!

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